Nine Tips to be a Successful Freelancer


Hello friends, welcome to Enam’s blog! How are you? In this blog post, you can freely raise your valuable questions through various comments. New articles will be written based on the questions you have asked more than once. Here are some questions that domestic and foreign students often want to know in various posts. For example, I am new to this profession – please help me! In what category can I do better? I can work using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access – which category would I prefer to work in? What can I do to earn more dollars with less skill, less effort, and less time? There are many more such questions. Today’s post is basically written for them.

One thing you need to keep in mind. You are going to work in a global marketplace. The competition here is worldwide. There is no shortcut to acquiring work skills and talents. However, today’s topic is: Nine Tips to be a Successful Freelancer. If you can practice the following things properly, you will be successful as a freelancer in-sha Allah.

1. Choose a category or, a subcategory

The first step is to determine the category or subcategory you will be working in. If necessary, a draft list of the types of jobs available in different marketplaces can be created using Google Search. Then you have to choose which category you are suitable to work in. It is dependent upon you to choose. No one else can fix it. The work you do is not done by anyone else. However, knowing, hearing, and understanding the category must be selected.

The categories that are commonly observed in the marketplace are:
(1) Admin Support, (2) Customer Service, (3) Sales & Marketing, (5) Design & Creative, (6) Writing, (7) Web, Mobile & Software Development, (7) IT & Networking, (8) Data Science & Analytics, (9) Engineering & Architecture, (10) Translation, (11) Legal, and (12) Accounting & Consulting.
Click on Browse top freelance jobs by category – Upwork to know more details including subcategories. You can work with one or more categories and subcategories according to your skills and experience. Remember that the more skills you can acquire, the more you will be able to work in the marketplace.

2. Learn enough

In the second step, you need to do enough study according to your category. In this case, you can take the help of Google or YouTube. If you find a freelancer in that category, you can get a lot of help from there. Many free resources are now available online. You have to learn by searching. Below are the search keywords:
For example, by typing “Free web development tutorial” with Google or YouTube search, you can practice many web development tutorials for free. However, you must search according to your category.

3. Choose a marketplace

This is the third stage. You now have the qualifications and experience to work in a specific category using any platform. Therefore, you need to find a good marketplace now. Buyers aren’t always keen on working without a marketplace. Here you can get help from Google. For example, you can do this by searching on Google using the keyword “Top freelancing site”. At this stage, you need to decide which market is more suitable for you to use according to the specific category. You have to make this decision yourself. The person may not have an idea about any other marketplace outside of the one they work for. Build yourself up with confidence. Make your own decisions. Trust yourself. Below are the names of some category-based marketplaces. You can also search for “Top freelancing site based on (your category)”. E.g.- (1) Upwork, (2) Fiverr, (3) PeoplePerHour, (4) Workana, (5) 99Designs, (6) TopCoder, (7) Toptal, (8) Crossover, (9) PrestoExperts, (10) Expert360, (11) CGTrader, (12) DesignCrowd, (13) Freelancer, (14) Guru, (15) Servicescape, (16) Hubstaff Talent, (17) CloudPeeps, ( 18) Truelancer, (19) Flexjobs, (20) Zeerk, (21) ProductionHUB, (22) Media Bistro, (23) Mandy, and more.

4. Study the Rules and Regulations of a Marketplace

After determining the marketplace, you need to know the rules and regulations of the marketplace. Because every marketplace has certain rules and regulations – which are mandatory to follow, otherwise you could be harmed in any way.

5. Learn about Payment Methods

Each marketplace has its own payment method. You need to decide which payment method is right for you. If you have no idea about the payment method, you may get in trouble for withdrawing the payment after completing the work.

6. Create an Account

Knowing everything, you need to create an account in your predefined marketplace based on the information given in your NID, Passport, Driving License, and Bank Account. According to your NID, Passport, Driving License, and Bank Account information should be the same. Marketplace authorities can verify your account via video call at a later stage of account creation.

7. Submit a Proposal

You are now a freelancer and will apply for the job by looking at the job post according to your assigned category. You will need to submit a unique cover letter for each job. When writing a cover letter, you have to write according to the requirements of the client. Initially, the client shortlisted 10-15 out of about 200 applicants and called for interviews.

8. Make a quick preparation for the interview and help you get hired

At this point, the buyer expects answers to some questions. You have to deal with these in the sharpness of your ability, skill, and talent. The buyer can hire you if they are satisfied with your answer. In the case of Fiverr, however, the Gig has to be made and sold. There are some differences in their platforms.

9. Submit Your Work

Try your best to achieve client satisfaction. Then the final work has to be submitted through the respective platform. If the payment method is correct, money or dollars will be credited to your account at a certain time. Feedback has to be provided by both the client and the freelancer at the end of the contract. This is how a freelancer does his job.

In conclusion, your determination is enough to become a successful and trusted freelancer. I will consider myself blessed if you benefit. Happy freelancing!

By Enamul Hoque

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  • Momtaz Uddin
    01/10/2020 8:59 PM

    Blog Menu should be there on the Main Menu. I had to look for Blogs. Nine tips for a successful Freelancer- helped me know some new things. Thanks for this post.
    I’m also a freelance VBA Developer and Database Programmer.


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