Rent Microbus Dinajpur

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Rent Microbus Dinajpur

Rent Microbus Dinajpur

We provide a car rental service with drivers daily, weekly, monthly, and annually with a long-term contract at a discounted price. Choose your car/microbus according to your needs and budget from our wide range of Birganj Rent A Car & Microbus – বীরগঞ্জ রেন্ট এ কার এন্ড মাইক্রোবাস।

■ Marriage and any event service:

We have a great responsibility to provide you with transportation services for weddings and any other type of Event Management such as Exhibition, any opening and closing event, any marketing and advertising program, Business Exit, and Business Plans with a quick response.

■ Airport transfer:

We have very common ships as we will wait for you at the airport inside the airport to welcome you and drop you off anywhere in the city or at any of your required destinations in Bangladesh as a pick-up and drop-off airport.

■ Transportation solutions:

The car / MicroBus is available to be picked up and dropped off at your office location within the city, or at any remote location nationwide as required.

■ Any questions? WhatsApp / Viber @ 01715-066-999

■ Email us: /

■ Visit Facebook Page:

■ About Google Googling @carmicrobus

■ Business Agreement ☎️ 01715-066-999 ☎️ 01934-297-888

■ Frequently Asked Questions and Bookings ☎ Call: 01715-066-999 / 01934-297-888

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