Six tricks for more secure online transaction


Six tricks for more secure online transaction

Using a trusted computer >> Using a strong password >> Using multi-factor authentication >> Using a secure wireless network >> Avoiding yourself from phishing >> Checking secure encryption.

1. Using a Trusted Computer

For your more secure online transaction, firstly, you need to use a trusted computer. Your PC is the best for this situation. If you use a public computer, there is no way to know that it is free from malware, spyware, or keystroke loggers.

2. Using a Strong Password

Hackers can hack your account if you used a simple password. Here are some samples of a password. Your name, the mobile number “01731234567”, your car/bike’s registration number “DhakaMetro1234”, your Email ID, etc.
You can protect yourself by using a strong password with symbols, numbers, punctuation, and upper-lower case character. For multiple accounts, you can use multiple passwords. In case one of your accounts is compromised, your other accounts will remain safe. Here is a sample of the strong password “#@ZaT_23”.

3. Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Some sites now offer to activate multi-factor authentication for their users. When you forget a password, most sites will email you a reset link. Multi-factor authentication will help you provide a second way to verify your identity if anyone tries to reset your password. Or, in some cases, even log in to your account, some sites will require you to provide an additional code that has been sent to your phone by SMS notification.

4. Using a Secure Wireless Network

Always avoid using public wireless connections while attempting to use online transactions. An unsecured network administrator can take over an unsecured router and redirect your browser to a different web page without your knowledge when submitting your information, the hacker receiving it from the redirected site.

5. You are Avoiding Yourself From Phishing

Some fake sites are designed to collect user’s information. Most of the hacker obtains a list of customer email addresses; they will send you emails that appear to be from a bank. These emails contain links asking customers to log in, but the links direct to a fake site that collect user names and passwords. So, avoid login to an unknown link.

6. Checking Secure Encryption

Most browsers display a lock icon in the window when you connect to a site using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, and you will always see “https”. Which is indicating the site is secured, and “http” is unsecured.

Keep yourself safe from hackers.

Best regards.

Enamul Hoque

Founder & CEO
Enam Digital Marketing

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