Multiple meanings in BF

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Multiple meanings in BF

Multiple meanings in BF

Once a boy asked a beautiful girl in his college: Will you make me your BF? The girl laughed and said jokingly, “Tell me first what BF means!” Then the boy laughed and said why! Best Friend! Hearing such a beautiful answer, the girl agreed!
Gradually, a deep friendship developed between them.

A few days later the boy said to the girl again: Can I be your BF?
The girl then replied: We are still BF! Tell me what will be the BF again? The boy said it’s not that BF! This time BF means Boy Friend!

The girl already fell in love with the boy! Then there is love between them, from love to marriage! A few months after the marriage, the girl said to the boy: Listen! You’re going to be a father! The boy was surprised and said so? Then finally I’m going to be your BF! The girl laughed and asked: What does this BF mean again?
The boy smiled and replied, Baby’s Father!

Husband and wife and a cute baby; A beautifully arranged family! Like all other worlds, there were small quarrels, quarrels, arrogance!

One day the husband said listen — happiness and sorrow are part of our life; As good times as there are, bad times will come to the family! Only if we have a good understanding of BF! The wife was a little curious to know – which BF is it again? Husband holding wife and child in both hands said, Beautiful Family!

The age of the family was then tens of years; In the meantime, one day the husband said: I may not fulfill all your wishes all the time! But I love you so much! Be a BF in love with me too! The wife is surprised as usual and asks what does this BF means?
Husband laughs and answers: Be Forever! Seeing the madness of the wife and husband, he laughed out loud!

As time goes on, the children also grow up, the husband and wife gradually grow old. When childhood adolescence youth passed in front of the eyes, no one noticed!

One day, the wife is sitting next to the old husband’s bed. Holding his wife’s hand, the husband said: The clouds have gone far in the clouds; Maybe it’s sunset time. I don’t know how much responsibility I have been able to fulfill towards you as a husband and towards your child as a father! Maybe I will not get out of this bed! If I can’t really get up, forgive me! And then he smiled with his wife’s hand on his chest and said: BF! The wife looks at the husband with the same inquisitive look as always! The husband then said this BF means Bye Forever!

Tears come to his wife’s eyes. Suddenly he remembers the moment he said BF for the first time! Old memories floated in the old woman’s eyes. He says in his mind how difficult it is to settle this calculation of life! But B and F in these two English letters, how easily this man has blown away all the difficulties of life!

Today, the boy is far away from the livelihood! Why are the old woman’s roots here! He can’t leave this world if he wants to. The old man’s grave can be seen in the gap between various trees as soon as the southeast window is opened. One day the old woman looked at him and whispered: Listen! The tomb beside you is ready; I’m coming soon!
I will be your BF forever! And yes, I mean this BF: Beside Forever!

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