How many posts on Facebook, is it possible to retain the desired followers?

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How many posts on Facebook, is it possible to retain the desired followers?

Doyal baba kola khaba gach lagaye khao; porer gacher pane keno mitmitaiya chao!
What are you thinking! Why are the title and image like that? Yes, today’s topic is:

How many posts on Facebook, is it possible to retain the desired followers?

Attempts have been made to present the real situation through a few real events:

I will go to Golapganj market to buy sacrificial animals. At the beginning of the journey, it was seen in a post on the news feed of Facebook that a journalist brother of the area wrote that the sale of animals at Golapganj Hat has stopped due to Corona. That’s right; I left my clothes and started reading the papers kept in the drawing-room. Suddenly I looked out of the window and saw people taking cows to the market in cattle vans for sale. When there was a suspicion, a person who had a house near Golapganj Hat was called and asked what was the condition of the Hat? In reply, the man said that the market was running as usual.

In the comment on that Facebook post, I wanted to know if the animal market is running! Why did you share such a post? He proudly replied to the post a few days ago. Today that link to the newspaper has just been shared on Facebook. Returning to the post, it was found that the post was published in an online magazine five days ago. A well-known journalist brother shared the link of that post today. The title was “Due to the Corona, the sale of sacrificial animals at Golapganj animals market was stopped”.

Dear friends, that day was the animals market day and in the animals market, Hygiene Rules have been continued. However, if such a post is shared, those who will follow you will be confused like me and will be forced to unfollow or unfriend you.

On average, some friends in my friend list share about 500 hadith every day. But the funny thing is that there are no likes or comments. This means that there are no riches or no one reads what he writes or shares. But he is boasting of being a wise preacher of Islam. His post is not forgotten by anyone other than himself.

A few more friends on my friend list regularly publish 10-15 corona updates daily. There is no end to their worries. My idea may be wrong — I think they have left their work and taken it as their main profession. Like, comment or be rich or not “I don’t care.”

There are several more senior citizens on my friend list. People do not like or comment on their posts if they write Islamic speeches or proverbs. I say to them, eight or ten years ago today, you did not give any such post. Many are aware of your personal and career ideas, manners, and integrity. Many are surprised at this sudden change in your mentality after a certain age limit. For good reason, you are always trying to keep some friends out of your future posts with privacy. Once the privacy is posted publicly — I’m hopeful the answer will come.

Now let’s explain:
Dear friends, by analyzing the above incidents, we see that there are many compound reasons behind not reaching a post. Which are:
(A) To confuse someone through the post.
(B) Excessive posting.
(C) Repetitive posting.
(D) To make any post from this notion of fooling oneself and ungodly to others as opposed to oneself being intelligent and pious.

The profiles of the above 04 types of people are their personal profiles. Whether you get rich or not. What if you have a Facebook ID or not?

But if you are a digital marketer or if you are a Facebook marketer; And if this is your business profile and if you have to generate customers from here. Then you must avoid the mistakes of the above events.

React on Facebook, Comments, or Rich or Visitors — What’s the best way to hold on to whatever you say?

(1) 01 post can be given daily; However, not more than 02. There is no doubt that people will unfollow or unfriend if more posts are given. Just like I did.

(2) If it is a business page, it is better to give at least 03 posts a week. At least 13 posts per month.

(3) New writings must be published and disseminated.

(4) New knowledge should be shared daily.

(5) It is necessary to post writing centering on contemporary events.

(6) Copy-paste or share posts should be avoided as much as possible. Because they ruin the news feed environment and cause people annoyance. As a result, you may unfollow.

(6) If copy-paste is posted for any reason, the original author should be thanked by quoting him. Otherwise, your actions will be considered similar to those of a thief.

It has to be said again — Doyal baba kola khaba gach lagaye khao; porer gacher pane keno mitmitaiya chao!

Note: No one has been humiliated by this post. This is basically just a constructive critique. Bhujpata if you understand, Tejpata if you don’t understand (will increase the knowledge of the wise).

Thanks and best wishes to all.

Author — Enamul Hoque
Digital Marketer, Upwork.

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