Excess calories will turn into fat one time if you do not do enough physical labor. It tends to accumulate in the belly, thighs or under skin. In course of time, fat accumulates in the liver, kidneys, blood, veins and heart, causing extreme health hazards. Once you have a fat, problems will not eliminate if you lose fat again. The damages done can no longer be compensated. Another sad thing is that even though the belly fat is gone, the sagging part of the abdomen cannot be removed without surgery.

Other problems include loss of appetite, sometimes feeling too hungry, physical weakness, fatigue, constant sleep deprivation, reluctance to work, shortness of breath, pain in various parts including head, neck, knees, feet and also causes excessive dreaming, loss of peace of mind, loss of physical beauty, distance in love affairs etc.

There are a number of reasons that cause fat- eating some foods too much and not eating some others, life style etc. Eating too much of these foods will encourage fat: sugar, high amounts of carbohydrates (rice / bread), meat, sweets, drinking alcohol, eating low protein foods etc.

Not eating these foods: magnesium foods such as bananas, apples, pulses, flour, various fruit/vegetable seeds, fish, vegetables, nuts, carrots, radishes, fiber foods etc.

Lifestyle: sleeping less, being under stress all the time, sleeping during the day, always working at desk, not taking any physical exercise etc.

Body parts are made for movements. You will face numerous health problems if you don’t make use of them. It is possible to keep yourself free from excess weight if you take care of it before or after the age of 30 years.

One piece or 100 grams of meat or 100 grams or a spoonful of rice will give you more or less 100 calories. To burn this, the elderly has to walk one mile and young person has to walk half a mile or do the equal amount of physical work.

Keep your weight limited. Stay healthy and fit for a long time.

Momtaz Uddin
Visual Basic Developer at Guru.com