A story about Deshi Amazon

A story about Deshi Amazon

You may have already heard of Deshi Amazon. Those who don’t know yet can search Google for more details about Deshi Amazon. Today we will try to give a brief introduction of it in an article called “A story about Deshi Amazon.”

Deshi Amazon is now just a walking condition. Its founder is a renowned freelancer of Upwork. From 1996 to the end of 2011, he has been locally involved in video editing, dubbing, audio production, MP3 production, computer servicing, graphics design and has been producing, printing, and supplying question papers to various educational institutions. He also did mirror printing work on tracing paper for screen print and offset press preprinting.

At that time the name of that organization was “Universal Computer System.” As work competition in these areas continues to grow locally, he began working on multiple platforms, including Odesk (now Upwork), in early 2012. This helps to increase the workload and reputation of the country as well as working with clients abroad. Now he works primarily on Digital Marketing. Due to the global Corona situation, the activities of businesses have come to a standstill. People are forced to stay at home. As a result, dependence on online shopping greatly increases. There is intense competition and a lack of good-natured online stores here. Deshi Amazon authorities are working hard to establish themselves in online shopping with integrity by implementing the slogan “Deshi Amazon is a symbol of confidence in online shopping.” Deshi Amazon is constantly evolving with the experience of working on various local and foreign e-commerce sites.
For now, the company has started working on the basis of the following few major categories.
1. Accessories
2. Fashion
3. Electronics
4. Furniture
5. Footwear
6. Health and Beauty
7. Home and kitchen
8. Jewelry
9. Medical supplies
10. Grocery items
11. Automobiles and Motorcycles.
12. Today’s Deals.

The head of the organization hopes that its size will gradually increase in the future.

Enamul Hoque
Co-Founder Deshi Amazon

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